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• Yesterday's session was something magical, my life was changed. I feel so much better and so much myself, I can't even explain it.

• Good evening George, it might seem super random but I just wanted to say thank you for the work we did together. It also put into light how much love I have to give so I thought to start with you, for all your kindness and help.

• Dear George, I cannot thank you enough for what you enabled me to do yesterday. I was really amazed by how quickly everything transpired and how you managed to access things so easily. I can’t really put it into words just now but just want you to know how very grateful I am to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for your work and commitment in helping me to release old traumas hurts and pain.

• Thank you very much for everything, I am really grateful I found you and appreciate your help and admire what you do! I wish there were more people like you on our earth!.

• All I can say is I felt you are an integral person and a healer by nature and I feel humble to your loving energy.

• It was awesome !!! You have a beautiful energy :) thank you so much for your time.

• Hello George, Thank you so much for the session. It was much more powerful than I ever imagined was possible for a remote session. I am so grateful for that and for the wonderful caring person you are.

• Hi George, Thank you so so much for today, I feel so light and like a weight has been lifted. Thank you for guiding me and offering your assistance with healing.

• Hi George, This is just to say thank you for last Saturday's session, I'm not entirely certain how or why it had such a positive effect on me but I'm so greatful, truly... I have absolutely Zero anxiety anymore about anything, for the first time I now can finally leave that all in the past and just enjoy the wonderful life I've been blessed with.

• Dear George, Thankyou so much for your lovely and caring email and for the incredible session today. Thank you for the deepest of my heart? It was overwhelming . I feel really relaxed at ease and calm in the head, throat, heart and stomach.

• George thank you for an amazingly joyful experience of sounding my voice.

• The session was a just what I needed, and I enjoyed it. I hope you were not too exhausted afterwards, because I know you are trained and very expert in what you do. I must say I find you to be a knowledgeable, vibrant beautiful soul/spirit.

• HI George, Thank so much for a wonderful session. I could feel how much you put into it.

• Thank you so much George I felt the power of that practice today. I am beginning to open my mind further and further with your help and wisdom and everything I am learning has so much meaning that I can feel is helping me more more. George, I'm so glad I found you

• I can honestly say that this last week has been the best week I've had in a long time I didn't have any bad anxiety or panic like I usually do at least 2-3 times a week, I had a few wobbles here and there but nothing I couldn't handle. I feel a real shift since we last met. Its early days I know but I definitely feel a change. I would love to come and see you again next week or the week after as I feel that the last sessions have helped me so much and I just want to keep going. Thanks again George, I really really appreciate your help.

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• I really enjoyed the experience yesterday. I have to say I was a little nervous and wasn't sure what to expect from the session - but I did feel comfortable and safe in your welcoming environment!

• Hi George, Thanks again for yesterday. That was a profound experience and I’m sure helped me to release some traumas.

• Hi George, Thank you so much for today! I found it really helpful, from the moment I walked through the beautiful green gate. Today felt profoundly helpful, and I suspect the benefits and revelations will continue to bubble over the next few days. I really do appreciate all of your time.

• Hi George, Thank you so much for the epic session yesterday, things definitely changed and I am so grateful and appreciate your support.

• The last week has been a hugely significant one, with our session at the heart of it. I still have a vivid recollection of our session, which continues to resource and inspire me, so a great big thank you for what you did.

• Thank you as ever for your wonderful energy and guidance. I’m still getting revelations and tears but I’m guessing that’s natural and necessary. I do keep spreading good words about you.

• So I had real connections with starlight after our session, and a greater appreciation of the journey and my place in it, though nothing that could be put into words. Movement, wave, particle, time, place, focus, light, aeons yet moments all at once.

• Just to say thank you for the healing session, I really did manage to completely go else where & release stuff that was very grey. I am having much better boundaries and I am feeling so much better about life.

• This week has been a big love feeling within me, there have been real elevated feelings arising of an inner love and i have been seeing thing`s clearer. There is a real urge in me to keep going, going with this inner work and once again thank you very much, i feel very blessed to have found you. I feel very grateful.

• Hello George just wanted to thank you for having me in your therapy place, and giving me such a profound experience.

• Hi George, My huge thanks to you for your care and kindness. I definitely made progress and shifted some blocks.

• Hi George, Thank you so much for today! It truly was magical being centre of the universe!

• Thank you - I've been feeling extremely blessed for my experience and have been singing your praises.I also found that I was able to assert myself in (what would have been) an awkward situation, this morning - without hassle. Thank you for your support and genuine care yesterday ?

• Thank you dear George for facilitating the wonderful extraction process last Friday. I feel empowered like never before.

• Good morning George, I wanted to Thank you for yesterday ? I have found it quite profound what happened. I feel that I was very ready for this to clear. It was so good to meet you and once again Thank you so much for your time and safe space.

• Hello George, I just want to tell how much you helped me today. I came to you with about a weeks worth of bad anxiety on my shoulders and left so happy and relaxed and focused on a few things I want to do rather than spinning out in that circle of negativity. I honestly can't thank you enough.


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