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Shamanic Healing Processes: all this work is undertaken on an individual level, one on one

The Sacred Space

One of the most significantly important aspects of this work, on which it’s very efficacy stands, is the trust that the client must have in the sacred space that I must create and maintain. This space we call the Temenos. The Temenos is a Greek word, which refers to a universal instinct to create a protected, safe space in which to heal and learn. It provides an enclosed, self-rebirthing place, akin to a garden, piece of sacred land or a maternal womb.

We open the sacred space to the six directions calling in the archetypes of Serpent, Jaguar, Humming Bird, Great eagle and the Earth and the Heavens. I then invite you to leave ‘here’ anything that does not serve you, shame, guilt, grief, anger, sadness, physical illness and disease. Release it and leave it right here on the floor of this sacred place, this temple. As so many have done before. Leave it behind regardless of how unpleasant it may seem, so that you can step forward into a future that is free of the limiting beliefs of the past, however ancient their source. There is only love and support here.

With the Sacred Space created and acknowledged it is then crucial to put forth into the Space and into the unconscious the permission to do this deep work. To passionately allow what is unseen to come into the light of consciousness to then be released. As mentioned it may not always be actual events and people that arise but just the sensations and feelings that underlie the manifestations that appear in your day-to-day life.

C. G. Jung relates the Temenos to the spellbinding or magic circle, which acts as a 'safe spot' where mental 'work' can take place. A space wherein an encounter with the unconscious can be had and where these unconscious contents can safely be brought into the light of consciousness. In this manner one can meet one's own Shadow, the wise old man or woman and finally the Self.

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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a powerful process yielding instantaneous results, which, with a little on-going personal reinforcement, deepen over the ensuing weeks and months.

Soul Retrieval, practiced only in the most sacred of spaces, is an ancient shamanic process created to reconnect a person with a lost soul part, large or small. A part of themselves that has left and been hidden after an upset or trauma to preserve the functionality of the whole. At the time of the trauma this was not a bad idea as some things cannot easily be carried day to day and we need to survive them. However now that we are older this loss needs to be recovered and re-integrated to let us become more complete. This lost part could represent your voice, your creative expression, your confidence, your innocence, your sexuality or your ability to give and receive love. Whatever it is, your unconscious knows and it will eagerly offer up the information that you need, you only need to ask.

For this we use Shamanic journeying down into the underworld, into the deep unconscious, to find the metaphorical cave of the original wound, then the cave of the agreement you made to survive at the time, then on to the cave of the lost soul part itself, then to the cave that holds a gift to help you integrate the lost part and then lastly we find a creature representing qualities that can assist you in your process of re-integration.

This journey is done quickly and is not done to the tune of the ‘story’ that you may be familiar with, but to the very essence of the issue in mythical and metaphorical form which may be from early life and so lost and confused with a myriad of other life events. Then we work with all these elements to gain an understanding of what you have been living with and what you are missing to attain transformation in the moment.

This is a beautiful and potent process. If you feel you may have difficulty journeying yourself then I can undertake this journey for you, as all information is held in the field.

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The Illumination is another potent traditional Shamanic healing process and it is a powerful and effective way of clearing old wounds that have become embedded in our subtle energy fields, causing physical and mental distress that we may or may not be aware of.

Through this process dark and negative repeating patterns can be acknowledged and then released, giving way to a fresh and positive outlook.

Bring with you a specific stress or life issue that you are ready to let go of and decide what would your life be like if the issue were no longer an interfering factor.

In the most sacred of spaces we will work with chakras, stones, colours, textures, sound and the body. We will travel back, identifying where in the body the associated feelings lie and clearing the energies that do not serve you from the chakras and the body. Letting the body release, deeply and profoundly. Afterwards we bring in powerful illuminating light to replenish the luminous body.

Shamanic Healing. Cleansing


Cleansing of the energy field and energy centres is an important part of my work. Acknowledging and recognising the energy centres is to engage the energy centres. ‘Energy flows to where attention goes.’ During this engagement we can bring harmony to where there was once discord. Harmonising the energy field using the voice and sound, restoring strength using breath, removing Hoocha (heavy energy) using the rattle and cleansing deeply using Peruvian Mapacho tobacco, Agua de Florida and Palo Santo.


Removing psychic-dagger is a process that yields powerful results. Psychic-daggers are most commonly invasive negative thought forms directed towards a person. Things like jealously and envy or hatred and anger. Most commonly these are not deliberate and are just the result of the egoic mind. Sometimes they are deliberate. These subtle energies get lodged in the subtle energetic fields of the body and can remain there for years causing any number of emotional and sometimes physical issues. We scan the body, we see the invasions and we extract them in whatever form they appear.

Extraction of stuck entities

These entities can be aspects of human spirits that for one reason or another have remained in the earthly realm and have been attracted to and then attached to another person. Often a person with an open and empathic sensibility or sometimes a family member can attract these lost souls. Sometimes they can be elemental energies that become attracted to a person for similar reasons as above.
Removing invasive entities is a simple procedure involving a simple test. If the test is positive then a line of communication is opened with the entity and the extraction takes place into a Vogel cut crystal which I cleanse in a fire ceremony after the client has left, allowing the entity to go to the earth or the light for healing and connection.

Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting is another shamanic practice that is very effective. Cord cutting offers you the opportunity to release and terminate unhealthy and sometimes energy training connections to people in your life, past and present. Clients always know who these people are and releasing these connections is an easy but effective way of re-gaining energetic autonomy.

It is also a way of starting new and fresh relationships with friends and loved ones by disconnecting and then re-connecting in a fresh, new way free from the old patterns that have been in place for years.

Note: It is essential that you do not communicate in anyway with the person or persons to whom you are cord cutting for 2-3 days so that the place of connection is able to heal without the person or persons being able to re-connect again.

Shamanic Healing. Hellinger

Death and Re-birth (a full seven chakra cleansing)

This is a much more involved cleansing process that involves communication through ‘the knowing field’ to a selection of life characters, both alive and deceased, to bring awareness to unresolved issues. Saying what was never said and acknowledging hurts and betrayals, loves and friendships as if this was the last moments of life. To try as far as is possible to bring harmony to what has been lived of this life thus far. We then count down the last seconds of life to the symbolic death. Then the energetic body, the aura, (or luminous energy field) is carefully unlocked at the seven chakras and removed and taken across into the astral realm to be cleansed and purified. Then bringing new life it is returned and locked back onto the physical body. We then imbued it with the qualities and resonance of what the client feels would be most helpful going forward from this day. And life begins anew.

Shamanic Healing. Stones

Stone Work

Working with stones can be a deep and intense process, yielding astounding and instantaneous results.

The powerful and innate intelligence of stones can help identify and release stress and energetic blocks and what we as loving and caring human beings may unwittingly be carrying on the behalf of others. Inviting ancestors, past and present, to willingly reclaim their loss, pain, beliefs and conditioning from you in the guise of a weighty stone is a beautiful and liberating feeling. Inviting you to powerfully and compassionately say ‘no’ to karmic baggage and hand back what is in fact never yours to carry.

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Temenos Touch

A temenos is a protected physical and emotional space in which the transforming work of healing takes place through learning and teaching.

Temenos Touch is an integrated healthcare approach, bringing together the tools and techniques from a wide variety of lineages and traditions in a holistic way, to suit the individual's unique needs, situation and beliefs. Working with deep trauma depends on having a safe space to access the shadows, that which is usually hidden from our survivor personalities.

It starts from the premise that the mind and body are not separate and this transformational work often incorporates a number of different methods within a single session, including shamanic techniques, the breath, bodywork, sound; perhaps invoking the ancestors and using rocks to physically represent that which we are carrying for others.

Because of their intense nature these sessions last for 90 minutes.

This work invokes Spirit, and helps us to access the field of information held outside conventional space and time, but within the frameworks of quantum physics and modern neuroscience - the integrated approach to health that will hopefully become the health care system of generations to come.

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