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The Soundbed and Soundpillow

What is a soundbed? The soundbed is a bed designed and constructed to give the user the ultimate frequency-vibration healing experience. The soundbed is a bed fitted with tactile transducing speakers, which focus on the vibrational (tactile) aspect of sound instead of the traditional auditory (hearing) experience. We do wear open back headphones (headphones that do not overly compress the eardrums) for the experience but we also have a full body experience of sound and vibration.

How and why is sound healing? Having worked with music and sound my whole life I have arrived at the simple conclusion. Sound is a vehicle for intention. So what does that mean? I believe that we can ride our thoughts and intentions into the body on the back of sound vibration. Bearing in mind that in the quantum realm everything is vibrating and we are able to interact with this vibrating energy by channelling our intentional thought deeply into areas of inflammation and infection for physical healing. To our senses these affected areas of the body appear as dis-harmony and chaos and we are able to use our intentional thoughts to engage and reorganise the cells into perfect harmony and coherence.

How is this possible? It is possible because in this work we are putting aside the materialist view of reality/consciousness where the mind is viewed only as a static machine looking out on a purely deterministic and meaningless material universe. We are working with the metaphysical models of panpsychism and idealism where the all of the material universe is contained within the primary agent of consciousness. Working from this infinitely flexible and exciting model we are able to interact with reality in new and exciting ways. We become sovereign and autonomous beings of magic and wonder.

So what else can the soundbed do?

With the soundbed, much like psychedelics you can travel out into the macro level of the cosmos or into the micro level within the body. Journeying out, much like astral-travelling, clients report experiences of bliss and oneness. Turning inwards clients report experiences of deep mental and physical healing. The Soundbed also appears to switch off the ‘default mode network’, in the brain (our everyday consciousness and personality) making it a great place to get information to help us with decisions about our life and purpose.

We can also use the soundbed to journey as above but trusting to the law of emergence and what most needs to arrive and arise will do so.

The Seven-Chakra SoundBed Experience

Sound Healing. 7 Chakra Soundbed Flier Long Color

This process involves an initial cleansing with sacred smoke and fragrance. Then sacred vowel-sounds at specific frequencies are sung into the 7 energy centres. This is followed by a 30 minute session on the soundbed with the soundpillow, experiencing a specially designed and composed piece of music that travels through the 7 energy centres releasing stuck emotions and realigning their flow and direction. Realigning the energy centres can bring clarity and relaxation to life. A gentle allowing permeates our internal and external environments. Like many spiritual and physical healing modalities the effects and application of this process are wide ranging. It is well suited for people who are stressed and anxious. It is also a must for people who are seeking deeper meaning, clarity and balance. Please view the recent testimonials beloew.

Soundbed and Sound Healing testimonials

“I have suffered from osteoarthritis related hip pain for over 15 years, with it becoming significantly worse in the last 12-18 months. On a scale of 1-10 my pain levels have been consistently at around 8 or above, meaning I have been taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories on a daily basis.

Following two sound treatments with George in a 48 hour period I have become almost completely pain free. After three weeks I am still feeling the benefits – usually no pain at all and when I do get some my pain levels are never more than a 2, meaning I am not taking any medication”.
BM Glastonbury 2020

George is a wonderful caring fearless compassionate healer. His sound bed was one of the most powerful therapies I’ve ever experienced - a complete letting go and dissolving with surprising resonant insights that arose effortlessly from a deep knowing space. These insights ring true months later. Thank you George for holding that space, hugely grateful.
Thank you so much xxx
UR London 2020

I understand that everyone is different as are their experiences and expectations with such therapies, this is mine.
The first time I had an appointment to see George, I had no idea at all what to expect but had decided to go with an open mind and to engage with his suggestions to the best of my ability. After an initial preamble followed by some in depth body awareness work, I lay down on the sound bed. Headphones on, black out blind in place I slowed my breathing giving my body the chance to acclimatise to the change in posture and re-focused my intention on the particular part of my body that I was drawn to that needed attention. George placed a body-length sound pillow along the top of me and then began the clearest, wonderful sounds and music playing through the headphones. That was just the start. The bed beneath me began to respond, vibrating gently to the frequencies in the music as did the pillow lying on me. I was transported to a place within my own body I had not thought possible. I moved inside my body, pulling nerves together that had been severed and then followed the pain message that was being sent to my brain and was party to subtle changes beginning to take place between brain neurons. Actually, to be honest, that first time it was like watching a massive fireworks display as neurons found different pathways to reconnect and change! Yep, sounds strange, but I got off of that bed afterwards with no assistance required, my pain greatly reduced. In fact the particular pain I had been focused on was down to about a 1/10 for the first time in over 14 years. Biggest thing for me - I slept soundly throughout the night for the first time in so many years!
MM Shoreham 2020

The prior consultation, which was a fully focused and deeply intuitive affair, enabled the treatment to be targeted precisely where deep healing was required and this has provided positive and long lasting effects for me.

George displayed remarkable skill, wisdom and insight in the field of modern healing with his Soundbed which is a welcome and timely improvement on Gong Baths, and altogether incomparable when considering the depth and longevity of healing I received.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend George anyone seeking deep physical and mental healing, realignment, cleansing and grounding.
Much love
SC London 2020

“I had quite the transcendental experience. I felt as though I was being transported through space and time. I quickly arrived in a place of total relaxation and wonder, into a deep meditation. I felt incredibly safe and comfortable. Quite a unique and special experience. I am very much looking forward to my next session”
SS Brighton 2020

‘Oh wow. I can’t really describe what happened. It’s one of those experiences beyond words. I just know I was off somewhere within a minute or so, and I don’t know where it was! But it was certainly magical.
Best wishes,
JJ Brighton 2020

"The soundbed is a truly amazing and unique experience. I felt like I was transported to another realm where deep healing could take place. George is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner, who is able to hold and facilitate the space required for this transformative work.”
MR London 2020

I had the pleasure of experiencing the Soundbed whilst on my retreat. It was something new, like I've not experienced before. I felt like I was letting go of my body and was floating! The breathwork I did with George combined with the Soundbed was phenomenal, so healing. I would definitely recommend the Soundbed and working with Evelyn and George.
PP London 2020

“I was lucky enough to have a half hour session on the sound bed. It was a very cool 30 minutes – the sonic waves gently put me into a very pleasant trance state. The time flew by and I emerged energised and refreshed” –
PG (psyoconaut) Brighton 2020

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